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Cherry blossoms fall
Spring comes around once more
Washing away death
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 7 9
Her eyes clouded by
nightmares of the past
Angst controls her life
as shadows chase her
each and every day
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 66 13
Triumph against failure
I hear the cries of the damned calling me out
Noodlot is here, its mark leaving no doubt
Those who were meant to live, are now gone, forsworn
Its seeds here leave behind decay
As death awaits, one left astray
There is still hope, there is a way
I carry that hope, on my back 'tis borne
Those who were meant to live, are now gone, forsworn
I hear the cries of the damned calling me out
It knows I am here, I must win this bout
Stay and fight destiny, or to flee and hide
Is it something with which I can abide?
Time is running out for me to choose what to do
Do I have the courage needed?
To not make this choice I pleaded
All my pleas remain unheeded
The sun is rising, grass covered with dew
Time is running out for me to choose what to do
Stay and fight destiny, or to flee and hide
It is now or never, time to decide
Noodlot, leaving none - cried voices in my head
Murderous screams - terror - bring back the dead
The sun shines, vitriolic, a dark halo
The people passing by - astray
For them I su
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 5 14
So many years ago, we met for the very first time
It was not long before friendship took place
How I still remember our first embrace
How you playfully and laughing taught me how to rhyme
Years flew by, our skin was weathered by the deep cold
Our love for each other disappeared
As one day you said to me the thing I feared
As you said to me that you had grown too old
The truth is what I should be facing
I should not have taken love for granted
Fathom of a dream is what I’m chasing
The entirety of my life was imagined
I am a puppet, a mere child’s plaything
I was supposed to be abandoned
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 23 24
New DA ID :iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 3 2
An artist (revised)
Staring blankly at a white sheet of paper
Can truly be an artist’s worst nightmare
An artist’s duty as its shaper
Their thoughts up in the clouds somewhere
Looking for bits of inspiration
Their eyes searching the skies
Nothing can break their concentration
Nothing can blow out the passion in their eyes
Being an artist does not always mean you are skilled
You do not need to be Picasso or Bach
It means you want to see your dream fulfilled
And that you will never give in to an art block
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 287 46
Escapism - Leaves
Leaves, brown and rotten,
Lay scattered at my feet
Life has seeped out of them
As it seeped out of me
Had life left me, or did I escape?
From the jaws of life, that beautiful lie
With its moments of joy
Its bronze coloured sunrise
After a night full of a thousand small lights,
Into this miserable reality,
Where the clouds are ash grey
And the birds never sing,
Which is governed by truth?
Enveloped by darkness,
My soul was saved
By a ray of light
A deer’s soft gaze
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 25 27
Winterspell I
Winterspell I: When the Sun Dawned
Over the northern unhomely barren
The morning dew sparkles in the sunrise
Weary eyes see the flight of the serin
Leaving oneself only to realize
Staying means making a deal with Charon
A wanderer starts to idealize
"'Twas nought my call; I seek it lest befell
'pon my eyes, the winters thus exiling
me, to these withering lands - to the Hell
Where Death will be free, her voice calls, chanting
Must I be led to my way"
- sounds of bells
He heard from afar and went answering...
Upon this empty land of dead
Dare this wanderer carry on,
Dare he tread this here route ahead?
He was drawn by the bitter dawn
The sound of the bells fills his head
Before him, image of a swan.
Lo! How much distance have my feet traversed
That I find myself beholding the realm
that sight, a visage of the blessings entrust
Upon the people residing, to them

The Wanderer would find refuge, the hearse
Of the wasteland was broken - at Swan's Helm
The cold darkness slowly
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 7 23
Without poetry
Mesmerizing words brimming with,
Youthful elegance and tender
Loving, which is being softly formed
Into a form by a wordsmith.
Fabricated with such splendour.
Early on it is unformed.
Its creator will have to learn,
Skills to be able to tailor,
What it is he sees in his eyes.
‘’I long to paint what’s in my brain,
To word my thoughts on this paper.’’
His heart bleeding on the inside.
Out to taunt its own creator.
Utter stress and manic laughter.
That is what the taunts of simple
White paper do to the writer.
Odd that this is what I’m after,
Rewriting my life and dimple.
Through poetry I feel alive,
Hence losing it is my demise.
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 25 41
Blinded by love
Blinded by love
I simply couldn’t see
That you turned your back
You turned your back on me
As my blinded daze started to wear out
I finally started to see
That you turned your back
You turned your back on me
So I closed my eyes,
So I couldn’t see
That you turned your back
You turned your back on me
But even while the darkness
Embraced my eyes like a glove
Even while I couldn’t see
The memory still haunted me
That you had turned your back
You had turned your back on me
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 29 23
An entire legion of horses and knights
Hooves and boots sinking away in the mud
As they stride over the fields like a flood
Walking for endless days and endless nights
Spotting the black banners over the enemies’ sites
As light reflects off their own shields’ bright white coloured stud
The knights brandish their sharp steel swords eager for some blood
And the archers draw their bows, now strained of all the fights
The king dressed in the night black clothes
Now stares blankly at the white king, whose
Army at last starts to draw close
The white king puts down his pint of booze
He smiles and says while rubbing his nose
''It's checkmate old friend and you lose''
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 51 26
The best in me
Soft lines freshly written slandered all over the paper
Fresh words in the atrocious handwriting of its creator
Drops of ink besmirch this once so lovely wooden table
As sunlight falls on it on a warm day in April
Tapping of one’s fingers to the rhythm of these very lines
Pondering if this truly is what it defines
As the pen scratches over that sheet of paper
Until the rhyme is finally to the liking of its shaper
And when asked why he wrote that simple little piece
If he thought about writing it or if it was just a simple caprice
He smiles as he gives an answer to which everybody will agree
’’I do it simply because it brings out the best in me.’’
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 31 50
Swing life away
Goodbye my dear old friend
How I wished it did not have to end
How we laughed and sang
Together with the whole gang
Goodbye my dear friend
How I wished that changes that now impend
How we once compared our scars
How we once gazed at the lone stars
Goodbye my friend
How we stood together till the end
How our days were filled with laughter and joy
How you made fun of me being a mama’s boy
Goodbye friend
Our time was not misspend
We will meet again one day
And we shall swing life away
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 33 23
A poem about love
Love consists out of pain
Love consists out of desire
Love is what I admire
Love always fights against my brain
Love is despising
Love is passion
Love is not a piece of fashion
Love is always surprising
None of these things are untrue
Love is enough to make one weep
That is love as it seems
Yet when I think of  you
I simply can’t fall asleep
Since life is finally better, than in my own dreams
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 186 93
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 13 12
Artistic Revolution
Paint is slandered all over the walls
Music and laughter can be heard through the halls
Merry men are dancing on the stage
Be it young, old or whatever the age
Songs are echoing through the building
Full of emotion, full of feeling
As it collides with the drawings on the ceiling
Creating something new and appealing
As from the back rooms flow the words
Debates, poetry, stories about flying as a bird
Rhyme and rhythm
If you use them that is your freedom
That building is growing too small
As many want to join and walk through this hall
So perhaps it is time to expand
And spread art all over the land
:iconkoratoshisfriend:Koratoshisfriend 38 31


Steam locomotive in Christmas snow :iconaardbewoner:Aardbewoner 10 2 a long way home :iconpeterbex:PeterBex 4 1 A Limburg dream cottage :iconesperimenti:Esperimenti 16 12 Valiant Hearts: The Great War :iconnisaliet:nisaliet 795 82 The Raven :iconlc-bailey-art:LC-Bailey-Art 32 9 The butterfly project :iconqwibes:qwibes 27 101
Starving Artist
She held an aquamarine crayon
in between her chubby little fingers
Her small hand swallowed it
A glow enveloped her cyan eyes,
like firecrackers on the Fourth of July
She scribbled wildly,
with no direction
She held a marigold pencil
in between her slim fingers-
no longer chubby, but she thought they were
Her collarbones smiled through her skin,
even though she did not
But she still doodled,
eating her mistakes
She held a ballpoint pen
in between her brittle bones-
they were supposed to be fingers
Her ribcage protruded like shelves at the market,
however held no food: only pain
But she still drew,
and devoured the ink
She was a starving artist,
and art was all she ate.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 312 93
winter :iconjisbonlover:jisbonlover 18 13
i dived into the puke and read.
thematic structure lay dead at the door shot dead by nebulae mustard gas,
as grey matter slurped into consumers who [x] [x] [x]’d due to eyes lazy, non-brains at wars with authorial angles that don’t make profit,
no lasting neon drag wanted,  only aesthetica &aesthetica &aesthetica
write about your I and die, write a pop song to get high, starry cigarette smoke onwards to be altars to the hedonism factories chugging out delicious clichés,
milkshakes of nothing handshaking with a rare something oh so unfortunately unknown as the light blanketed by the churning treadmill of a 24 hour batch,
cogs turning to see what stars can run away in a sign of ghostsmiles,
everyone now knows the galaxy-tasting money is stagnating and decomposing but we continue to procrastinate away our communism,
handfuls left building a structure, a structure, but delinquent destroyers get edited into delinquent receptors by an ancient turning into a neon sign,
:iconayeaye12:AyeAye12 21 32
Line Breaking
Sunday woke me Bradbury-brained
with adjectives inadvertently adverbs;
with polyester shirt-sleeve ligatures
asphyxiating my ligaments;
with lispful tongue stung
by canines crowning taste buds;
with saliva-bled sheets from a jawline jib
that was steeled against a seizure.
I am the limp weight of a postictal torso;
a bowsprit and figurehead splint split
from the sleep numbers of bed bums:
zero, zip, zilch—
Prada prodded to worn cottonwear
and Kashmir tarps shading rickshaws
are my skin: an exotic, now creased, fabric.
Uttered in cadaver kada fashion,
a kiai! to someone’s are you okay?
I halt in haiku
and seize in line breaks.
:iconnichrysalis:Nichrysalis 27 15
The Samurai and The Ronin
Hideyoshi Takahata rode toward the village he was sworn to protect. There had been a disturbance reported by a villager. A drunken man was wreaking havoc and had to be stopped. Most Samurai were resting back at the Daimyo's fortress due to a bandit raid that occurred yesterday, so Hideyoshi was the only one available.
As he rode into town, he immediately spotted the drunkard. He had to have been a sumo wrestler, for it looked all he did was eat. He dismounted and ordered the massive man to cease and desist in the name of the Daimyo. The man did not,so Hideyoshi promptly lopped off his head with his wakizashi to the cheers of all around except for one voice that said...
"You didn't have to kill him, you know? I would have just knocked him out and let him sleep it off."
"Who dares speak to me in this manner?"
Hideyoshi turned to face a man wearing cotton clothing and a straw hat that covered his face. That was, however,not what caught Hideyoshi's attention about the man's looks.
What cau
:icontimesfire90:TimesFire90 1 1
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Deleting this account on 16-04-2015.

I met a lot of great people on this website, some of which have become lifelong friends.

I developed both artistic and verbal skills as well as polished my English rhetoric.

For that I cannot thank you enough.

It has been fun for the past 4 years, however, I believe it's time to move on.

So I guess this is a final bow before the curtain calls.

It was an honour to write with you all.

Perhaps one day we shall meet again in a different place at a different time.

If you want to contact me, send me a message before the deletion, or to :icontinybluecat: after deletion.


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